Empowering our Women and Children…

Socio-economic Development

The Business for Empowerment Foundation was established in 2008 as a B4i Empowerment Group initiative, with the aim to encourage businesses to take a stand against vulnerable women and children in our society.

The foundation started out as a trust and later grew and established itself as a preferred BEE Socio-Economic Development (SED) foundation to BEE qualifying beneficiaries. The foundation’s mission is to instil confidence in companies by giving them peace of mind that their funding actually reaches the people it was intended for.

Beneficiaries are carefully selected and supported with directors Yolandi Venter, Octavia Ephraim & Louis McLaren who jointly take responsibility to ensure that the foundation lives up to its purpose of making a proper difference in the journey of transformation.

Beneficiary Categories

Mohau Centre


Thuthuzela Aid Community Centre


B4ETAnti Sex Trafficking Fund

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