Approved Programmes

Regain Programme

The Anti Human Trafficking Fund exists to empower the overarching R3egain Programme. This programme has been developed with a holistic approach towards the different phases human trafficking victims find themselves in. Taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and psychological effects on the victims during or after their trafficking experience and the economic climate and social instability of the country. The programme focuses on female victims, with most of the current beneficiaries being women who were trafficked as children and have experienced severe trauma over several years.

CARE SA Programme

This programme enables feeding schemes that provide much needed food parcels to South Africans that are left devastated by economic challenges. Funds are administered and supplied to pre-qualified communities. The most basic needs of food security for those whose livelihoods are threatened are met through this programme.

Youth Protection Programme

The youth protection programme provides care and support to orphans and terminally ill children who are infected with HIV Aids. This is done through temporary and permanent residential care and community based social service. The programme assists these children to experience a better quality of life by providing them with healthcare services, children development programmes and by facilitating specialised therapies for these children

Community Aid Programme

The community aid programmes provides a place of safety for children who have been removed from parental custody for various reasons such as abuse, negligence, rape, abandonment. These children are sent to these places of safety by the SANPS, social workers and Child Welfare. HIV/AIDS infected children also receive treatment and attend school while the younger ones attend the day care.

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